Fin-Ex can self-fund up to £150M per transaction. So far we have managed to self fund all transactions. We are mindful we are missing out on being invited to bid in much larger buyouts.

Transaction over £150M, can be done with the help of DBS, Emirates NBD, Standard Chartered and HSBC; with riskier transactions backed by Patron Capital and Cheyne Capital, without a cap, up until now.

We are considering allowing third party investors to co-invest with us on special projects which we intend to buy, develop and exit, by forming our own private equity fund.

The funds would cover investments in our core business interests:

  • Property
  • Wellbeing
  • Technology

The property fund would cover:

  • Prime London
  • Prime Europe
  • Distressed London
  • Generic hedge fund (large cap equities )
  • Wellbeing fund
  • Technology fund