The Harrington Hotel Group brand operates to deliver the whole range of services to guests and to optimise sales while maintaining properties to the highest standards, creating a high quality, high yielding annuity.

Our centralised in-house team provides :

  • Marketing, copywriting for newsletters and blogs
  • Web development
  • Brand development
  • Print design
  • Sales, agency partnerships
  • Guest relation, reception
  • Concierge
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Accounting teams
  • Supported by property management and revenue management systems

Enabling us to deliver excellent all-round service.

Our apartments attract HNWIs and UHNWIs ranging from business people, CEOs of global large caps, senior executives, executive producers, a-listers, hedge fund partners, art dealers, heads of family offices, global heads of banks, major corporates, etc.

Property Management Systems

Our cloud based Guestline property management system allows efficient management of all our properties. The system is highly scalable and allows the absorption of any new acquisition in a minimum amount of time.

Marketing & Design

We have a full in-house Marketing Team, consisting of:

  • Two Web Developers who continually improve our online presence
  • Digital Media Manager for content development, newsletters, blogs and social media
  • Designer looking after brand development and print, online and brochure design, etc.

In House Sales

The Harrington has consistently achieved record-breaking prices, setting its own benchmarks, thanks to our sales staff working hard to find customers who love quality and service and who are willing to pay for it.

Guest Relations

It is fair to say our very discerning customers only leave when they have a change of personal circumstances.

This statement could not be made without having an outstanding Guest Relations Team which ensures every guest is treated as a VIP and that the 24-7 Reception Team knows every guest.

Pricing & Revenue Management Systems

We have developed a seamless pricing matrix that combines pricing from one night to 12 months+, giving our guests the maximum flexibility and best pricing possible.
We are not aware of any other company providing this level of service or transparency and seamless integration.

We work closely with our partnering agents to improve communication. We launched over 7 years ago a database of downloadable floor plans, high resolution pictures, EPC, gas certificates, agreement templates, flyers, brochures and white label brochures.

This allows guests to choose the “actual unit” they want and not a ” type of unit”

This is a big cultural shift that needs to happen in the marketplace, to improve guest satisfaction.


The Guest Relations Team is supported by a large Housekeeping Team which is well-spoken, presented and organised to provide a personal service.

The culture of the team with wearing name badges, leaving cards saying who made the room and what remains to be done (if anything) creates self-responsibility and accountability encouraging the organisation to be responsive.

It is these small details that ensure customers have a lovely stay.