Fin-Ex Wellbeing was formed in May 2014 to provide a one stop shop for proactive and reactive wellbeing.

The world has an ageing population which naturally wants easy access to wellbeing facilities. There is a desire for excellent instruction and advice and for medical centres to be value for money with shorter appointment waiting times and broader ranges of expertise. This is what Fin-Ex Wellbeing aims to deliver.

By combining the in-house fitness studios with our medical and nutrition services, we have gradually created a whole wellness environment for our clients to enjoy.


Fin-Ex Prana Wellbeing, provides proactive wellbeing services such as equipment pilates, yoga, ballet barre, physiotherapy, Nordic walking, massage, hairdressing, beauty and nutritional advice to help with weight management, sleep, allergies and many other symptoms.

Try living on conventional hotel food for a month and see what happens to your cholesterol and liver.

Prana Wellbeing was much loved by our guests and some lucky local people who are members. It is being replaced by Cat n Cow

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Nutritional therapists provide an extensive service that merges the traditional allopathic (medical) and natural approaches to deal with common foods and enhance performance to create a re-balance in the body that promotes healthy wellbeing and generates the natural energy which so often is lost in our modern hectic lives.

We are launching Cat n Cow Lounge, Bar, Café and Restaurant at 1 Harrington Gardens that will provide guests and customers with a mix of healthy brasserie, vegetarian and vegan dishes and juice options at sensible prices with organic ingredients.

The concept was conceived in 2019, after buying the Wildwood Restaurant.  We look forward to sharing our menus and ingredients with our customers so that they can cook these wonderful healthy dishes at home.


Fin-Ex Medical was formed in May 2015 and is seeking to acquire medical services to provide GP, dental, orthodontics, radiography, pre- and post- natal care, psychiatry, osteopathy and functional nutrition.

Having worked previously with Medicare Francais, we are now developing Prana Medicare which aims to provide a bi-lingual polyclinic and pharmacy specialising in dental, family and women’s health.

We are set to provide an efficient and dedicated service which provides appointments that are easily available while giving patients the time to properly discuss their medical concerns and receive the treatments that are needed. We are looking to take the lead in providing locally available testing that breaks new ground in areas such as Predictive DNA Cancer testing whilst providing testing to allow our specialists to strive for continued healthy balance in the way we lead our modern lives.